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Absoludy Testosterone
  • · Absoludy Testosterone is a FIA(Fluorescence immunoassay) based quantitative result diagnostic test.
  • · Measuring the level of Testosterone to help stimulates sperm production, sexuality, and build muscles and bones.
  • · Testosterone deficiency related difficulty in an erection or spontaneous erections, decline in sex drive or decrease in the volume of semen. a loss muscle/bone mass and strength and facial hair, and fatigue despite getting pienty of sleep or low motivation.
  • · Testosterone measurement is rapidly growing with Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT): TRT by injection, patch & gel, Testosterone should be checked during TRT to avoid side-effects (l.e. increasing the rate of spread of an existing prostate cancer), hypogonadism is a chronic condition that requires lifelong treatment, Testosterone level decreases if a patient stop treatment. [Urology Care Foundation, US]

· Spectification
AMR 0.2~15ng/mL
Test time 5min
Sample type Serum and Plasma(Li-heparin or K2-EDTA)
Sample Volume 50µL
Storage 2~8 °C

· Component
Cartridge 20ea
Pretreatment Tube 20ea
Disposable tip 24ea
Code chip 1ea
Package Insert sheet 1ea

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