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Absoludy Cardiac markers
  • · Absoludy Cardiac Triple is a FIA(Fluorescence immunoassay) based quantitative result diagnostic test.
  • · Troponin is released during MI from the cytosolic pool of myocytes. Its subsequent release is prolonged with degradation of actin and myosin filaments.
  • · Measuring the level of Troponin I to help to rule out Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) early. The high specificity of cTnl measurements is beneficial in identifying cardiac injury for clinical conditions involving skeletal muscle injury resulting from surgery, trauma, extensive exercise, or muscular disease.
  • · CK-MB is more concentrated in the myocardium, but it is also expressed in skeletal muscle, which often leads to false positive elevations in a number of clinical settings, including trauma, heavy exertion and myopathy. Since CK levels return to baseline 36 to 48 hours after AMI, a retesting sample can detect reinfarction. Because cTn does not normalize that rapidly, it was initially suggested that CK-MB may be of value in this area.
  • · NT-proBNP is used as a predictor of Heart Failure (HF). NT-proBNP is typically increased in patients with asymptomatic or symptomatic left ventricular dysfunction and are associated with CAD and myocardial ischemia. The biological half-life of NT-proBNP is the longest, making these peptides better targets than ANP, BNP for diagnostic blood testing. [bcc Research]

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Cartridge 20ea
Pretreatment Tube 20ea
Disposable tip 24ea
Code chip 1ea
Package Insert sheet 1ea

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Cartridge based on Microfluidics