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Absoludy PCT & CRP Combo


Measuring the level of PCT is to help detect sepsis and systemic bacterial infections in the early stages and monitor the treatment. PCT could be a guide of antibiotic therapy, helping make physicians decision of patients in ICU and reduce the duration of antibiotic therapy. Measuring the level of CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is to help check for inflammation in the body with PCT. CRP is produced by the liver and the level of CRP rises when there is inflammation throughout the body. PCT & CRP are different stimulating proteins but universally studied for predicting sepsis. Measuring the level of PCT and CRP improves the accuracy of diagnosis of sepsis.




 PCT_0.05 ~ 35.00 ng/mL

 CRP_1.00 ~ 300.00 ug/mL

 Test time

 5 Min

 Samples Type

 Serum and Plasma (Lithiumheparin and K-EDTA)

 Samples Volume 






 Disposable Tip_72EA

 Code Chip_1EA

 Package Insert_1EA